Saturday, 21 May 2016

A Painting Journey

My name is Angie Wood and I live on a narrowboat on the beautiful Oxford canal. And I’ve got to that stage in life where I know what I really love to do. And what I really love to do is to paint. I think it started from childhood when I was given my first set of ‘painting by numbers’, and that’s also the reason why I’ve always loved oil paints in particular… the smell, the buttery texture of the paint, the vividness of the colours. I’ve always sketched a lot, and in the past few years have done a fair few ‘pet portraits’ as commissions, but generally found working from photos a bit tedious because I couldn’t say I was really learning much about painting. So then I decided to have a go a doing a ‘painting a day’ from life instead of photos. (Look this phrase up on google – you’ll find there are lots of people doing it). I would do an onion, or an apple, or a lemon. This was fun, but I wanted to go a bit further with the paintings, so I’m currently doing a ‘painting a week’ and hopefully making something a bit more resolved. So at the moment I’m painting and painting, trying to learn as much as I can, because however much you learn, you never really get there! You’re welcome to join me on my journey!

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